Important Notice

After 18 years in clinic, I’ve decided to take up a sabbatical opportunity (time away from full-time clinic from November 2019 to end of April 2020 at this stage). However, the clinic is still open for a very limited time each week:

  • Saturday mornings
  • One evening a week

For availability please either text or book online (you’ll need to book in advance).

Thank you

Kind Regards Philip


Treatments may include any or a combination of the following

  • TuiNa (gentle or firm Chinese medical massage)
  • Cupping
  • Heat-lamp
  • Moxa (smokeless) 
  • GuaSha
  • Chinese patent herbal

With 18 years clinical experience and 14 years teaching at the NZ School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Philip’s gentle and unique blend of Acupuncture and TuiNa (Chinese medical massage), and when appropriate patent Chinese herbal formulas are his strength for many conditions. See more about Philip…