Current level details: click here

Clinic is open at levels 1 and 2 only

What does this mean for this clinic?

Prior to your appointment:

  • Your contact details will be updated.
  • The day prior to your appointment you’ll receive an automatic text message as a reminder and as an opportunity reply if you are experiencing covid like symptoms

  • Upon arrival at the clinic please sanitize your hands (gel supplied)
  • I will adhere to the usual strict hygiene:
    –  washing my hands.
    –  use hand sanitizer.
    –  disinfect all contact surfaces before and after.
    –  the table will be single towel (used once then soaked in janola: clean towel for each client, including pillow-case).
    –  alcohol swabbing of Acupuncture point locations.

Another difference will be:

  • Physical contact: Chinese massage/gentle manipulation techniques will be a minimal part of the treatment at level 1.

  • At level 2: acupuncture, moxa, heat-lamp, stationary cupping, and electro-acupuncture will still be available for use as treatment (including tongue and pulse diagnosis).

General and COVID-19 hygiene protocols:

  • Practice good hand and sneeze/cough hygiene is the best defense.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water before and after eating as well as after attending the bathroom.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with clean tissues or your elbow.
  • Put used tissues in the bin.
  • If you are concerned that someone is showing symptoms of fever, cough or shortness of breath, encourage them to first ring Healthline (0800 358 5453) or contact their GP by phoning ahead of their visit to explain symptoms and travel history. 

Thank you for your patience.