Facial Acupuncture

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture – *bring back radiant skin and muscle tone to your face.

For both women and men

Philip’s experience
Philip studied at the Wuhan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Wuhan China for 4 months in 2005 in the skin department which specialized in severe facial acne and skin conditions for both male and female patients ranging from ages 13 to early 70’s. At this hospital severe cases were treated with a combination of herbal remedies and acupuncture.

Your treatment – would involve acupuncture, facial/head massage only and might include oils such as lavender and rose.

What to expect from your initial consultation
A visual assessment of any areas of your face that you feel need special attention will be noted eg: upper or lower eyelids, eye wrinkles, mouth creases, skin spots such as acne, etc.

Your expectations and goals
Realistic feedback about your case in what Philip cannot treat and what he can treat and what to expect…  …*you might be pleasantly surprised.

Tracking the changes
A non invasive “before” and “after” photo (optional) (with subsequent photos taken before each treatment [these photos are for your own record and not for promotional use]).

Your commitment and why
These treatments do require your commitment in terms of consistency of treatment (keeping your appointments) to keep the momentum of our work building on the previous treatments in the initial 10 treatment course. Remember it is to your benefit. Weekly treatments are suggested. The initial 4 treatments maybe within two weeks. One course of treatment would be enough to know how little or a lot acupuncture can benefit you.

What else to expect in your first consultation
At the initial consultation you will be diagnosed according the the Traditional Chinese Medical way (taking your pulse, briefly looking at tongue and asking some questions which could range from sleep to digestion). Why ask such questions? Using the Chinese medical way of diagnoses we can determine possible detrimental factors that could influences areas such as skin, muscle tone, circulation, moods, lowered production of Qi and blood, etc.

What do we actually do in treatment?
– Very very fine needles are placed at certain acupuncture points on the face such as the forehead, chin, checks and muscle groups on the face to promote Qi and blood circulation to nourish muscles and skin to create/bring back your radiant skin and muscle tone.
Other needles may be placed on the hands or feet which are all connected via the meridians/channels to the face to enhance your treatment.
Facial and head Massage – Is usually done after treatment to invigorate Qi and blood circulation. This may include quality oils such as lavender and rose-hip.

Course of treatment
1.  One course of treatment is 10 treatments (once per-week [Initial 4 treatments maybe within two week]).
2.  It is thoroughly recommended to complete 1o treatments to see potencial full benefit.
3.  Another course of treatment is entirely up to you. This would depend on factors such as age, initial skin and muscle condition.
4.  Initial changes *may only last 1 – 2 days. *Often lasting changes are noted around and after the 5th treatment.
5.  Ideally to *maintain radiant skin and muscle tone after one course of treatment it is recommended to have one (1) treatment every 1 month.
6.  One & half hour per-treatment.

Pay as you go is:  $90 per treatment
for 10 treatments (one course)..

Do you have any questions?
Call or Email with any questions: philip@acuhealth.co.nz

*Results may vary from person to person