ACC and insurance

ACC injuries will need an ACC claim number generated from any of following: Doctor – Osteopath – Physiotherapist – Chiropractor – or other ACC Providers

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your Acupuncturist will simply need your claim number [valid within 12 months] and the injury type/location. ACC may cover the injury related directly to your ACC claim only; it will not cover other injuries or conditions that are not directly related to your current ACC claim. If you require other injuries or conditions to be worked on during an ACC claimed treatment, you will be asked to pay extra for the time spent on the non-ACC injury or condition. Thank you for your understanding.

Health Insurance
If your health insurance covers acupuncture treatment (full or part) just let me know: At anytime during your course or even one off treatment(s) I can print or email you an official letterhead receipt for you to send to your insurer for claiming.

Check with your insurer first if you are unsure as to whether you can claim or not or to know what is your cost limit you can claim (not all health insurance policies include acupuncture: check first).

NB: How it works; you pay Philip Jameson – Acupuncture first (your insurer does not pay Philip Jameson), then you communicate with your insurer with proof of receipt payment, then your insurer reimburses you (but check first; not all health insurance policies include acupuncture).