Conditions treated

Below is a brief list of conditions where acupuncture may be useful

The Acupuncturist may suggest to try a set amount of treatments to see if acupuncture may assist with your condition. This set amount will vary depending on the condition and the experience of the Acupuncturist.

Contact your Acupuncturist to ask if they can work with other conditions not listed below.

Asthma   –   Stress/tension   –   Blood Pressure   –   Palpitations – Post-Joint Surgery Rehabilitation – Mild Depression   –   Sexual dysfunction   –   Back pain   –   Sciatica pain   –   Bladder problems – Constipation/diarrhea   –  Colds and flu   –  Bronchitis   –   Dizziness   –  Fatigue/Tiredness – Premenstrual syndrome   –  Menstrual disorders   –   Mild Skin Problems   –   Headaches/migraines   –   Health maintenance   –   Immune system   –   Knee/Back pain – Morning Sickness   –   Shoulder stiffness   –   Pregnancy related disorders   –   Overuse OOS/RSI – Bells Palsy – Tendinitis – Paralysis/numbness